Green Day – Basket Case – Easy Beginner Electric Guitar Lesson – How to Play on Guitar

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  1. The_Quesadillö

    Will it sound bat if you don't tune it in e flat

  2. Hey Marty,can i get that green day sound with squier strat that has humbucker in the brigde?(btw its the same colour as yours,it gorgeous)

  3. why cart I do this

  4. Can also use acoustic? Awesome lesson

  5. Today I asked myself, if I'm completely retarded for shaking my leg while playing. Now I know, it's absolutely normal 6:05 XD
    Thanks Marty, for these great lessons!

  6. Benaya Sahap Hasudungan Munte Secondary Student

    Marty, you are one of the best youtuber guitarist teacher, thanks for all of your teachings ad technics

  7. Can someone link me the tab for it?

  8. Very Nice your channel , I try basket case and your explain it's very easy to understand.Have you. posted also I want you bad Offspring song, because, i like to try that.

  9. too easy.thats 3 power akord songs i play this from ear to guitar after first hearing

  10. Justin Nicaraguan

    Not explaining he picking hand part Marty

  11. Little known to you, if you sign Marty's email list it's actually an invitation for him to feast on your soul!

  12. Marty is awesome !

  13. Can anybody help I'm having trouble with power chord finger placement.

  14. are you in Eb?

  15. Une ado ordinaire.

    Thanks u so much !

  16. Andrew Murrieta

    Wat strings do I strum 

  17. this is definitely fun/ I would appreciate it if you would pick up your electric guitar more often. Nice video. Make more like this one (electric) please-thank u

  18. PandarooGaming

    Amazing video, me and my band are looking for songs to learn so this helps me a lot so thanks!

  19. This is why I'm subscribed to you


    thanks so much for another great video
    after a year & a half of playing guitar all on my own no lessons i'm genuinely surprised at what i've been able to accomplish
    youtube taught me everything i know
    thanks a million!! <3

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