Green Day “Basket Case” Guitar Lesson – How to Play Green Day Tutorial

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Hey guys! Marty Schwartz here again from my very own project “MartyMusic!” Here’s a deluxe lesson on the Green Day classic “Basket Case” which I did because of the large amount of requests for it! Remember Mon and Wed are song tutorials so please let me know in the comments what you NEED to learn next!

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  1. Thanks for supporting my own project here "MartyMusic!" What Song would you like me to teach next? Thx>>>>>>>>>>>>Marty ( )

  2. Thats a nice guitar you have

  3. Your amazing brotha

  4. The verses aren't correct. The verse starts an octave down, on an open Low string and played as if it was an E Major chord. Then it's normal from there but adapted to be lower o the neck, then the second half is kinds weird. you're supposed to play the shape of an A Major chord and go back to the shape of the E Major chord and then second fret on the second string power chord. (Sorry, I am a perfectionist) I am not saying this video is bad or that the lesson is garbage, but just one part of it is incorrect and i'll assume you build these lesson plans from hearing so mistakes are forgivable. Great song, Great vibes and keep teaching!

  5. There's a song on Tony hawks Pro skater 1, that always comes to mind when I hear this song it's called 'superman – by gold finger' they have the same melody.

  6. Hits the wrong note: Um!

  7. Emiliano Quiroz

    Great lesson Marty!But what guitar is that exactly?

  8. GEEEZ MArty! Those FRETS are HUGE! Serious question… Does it make fretting super easy? Thank you

  9. Sarabjit S Sandhu

    Man how many guitars do you havw

  10. Jordan Vogue Covers

    what is your guitar's brand and what other guitars are similar to it that are in a good price range like $200-$1,000

    Edit: On the part when you switch back and forth between the e power chord, c# power chord, and the b power chord ( all with the a string as the root) it sounds good with the low e string being held down also; it kinda sounds like the bass part

  11. ThirtySeven Gaming

    watched, rewatched, rewatched, for my own personal gain

  12. Elizabeth Kissinger

    Thank you so much! I've been trying to learn this song all week!

  13. Dominik Kelbassa

    but its standart tuning lol

  14. Does anyoneone else write it down or just do it by memory?

  15. This is awesome! Please do some avenged sevenfold.

  16. Power chords where would we be without them

  17. What is the brand/name of that guitar?

  18. Hey thanks, great lesson. such a great feeling when it just finally clicks and the penny drops.

  19. 3 doors down changes

  20. Carpel tunnel

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