Green Day – Good Riddance – Time of your Life – Easy Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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  1. totally

  2. Ha I like that D is the TEAM CAPTAIN ha!

    Em is 2nd saddest lemme guess – Am is #1 saddest?

  3. יגל אשכנזי

    where can I find the cords?

  4. this is as simple as it gets, if it's hard for you, I feel bad for you but keep trying.

  5. Thomas's Gangsta Chug Life

    can you do basket case by green day

  6. are you using standard tuning and if not then what type of tuning are you using?

  7. i wanna sing this in campus to my ex

  8. very nice. thanks

  9. some tabs show this played with a c chorde is that right too?

  10. I find your videos to be the easiest to learn from. People forget that some of us are just learning and you slow things down to give us the full details of every action. I love that. I just hope that eventually, my playing will sound at least a little bit like yours. ha ha. I'm sure with practice.

  11. legend, this helped me learn it in like 5 minutes thank you man!

  12. Words wouldn't be enough to thank you for ur lessons.

  13. I am playing this at my school and this helped me so much

  14. How do I request a song to be taught?

  15. aaawweesssuuummmm

  16. Great video!

  17. Hey Marty, thanks for always teaching great songs.  Do you happen to have the chord sheet for this one?  Thanks and keep doing what you do so well 🙂

  18. MY first successful song, thanks a lot. your tutorial really helped.

  19. Do u use standard tuning for this song?

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