Green Day – Holiday – Guitar Lesson (With Solo)

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  1. Gold by Glen Hansard from Once the musical

  2. 6 6 6 8 9 4 2 1 1 1 1 8 5 1 1 6 8 6

  3. Can you do one for Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

  4. Hail to the king?-request

  5. A.C. van der Linde

    Thanks Marty — great one to keep the inspiration for intermediary beginners with the simple strumming pattern.

  6. Battlefield Montages

    anyone have any tips on helping me with muting the other strings? i find it quite hard to mute them all with one finger and actually playing at the same time

  7. I love that telecaster!

  8. I quit my lessons because ur better

  9. What guitar is that

  10. TheTriggeredDuck

    You just taught me my first guitar solo. New subscriber.


    This is the song that really got me into Green Day and I’m so thankful that you make lessons like this especially this song because there are a few songs I’m going to play in my band n seeing how I’m the lead guitarist I really need to up my game and I’m glad that you’re channel is here you might not see this comment but thank you

  12. As a drummer I played the drum intro with this in my head 🙁

  13. great, thanks a lot

  14. you did this on my birthday! I was born 12/17!

  15. Bálint Pálhegyi

    Solo part starts at 11:00

  16. guitar?

  17. In the end you should of played the whole song

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