Green Day Inspired Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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Green Day Inspired Acoustic Guitar Lesson
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  1. Great tutorial as always

  2. most of the songs I know come from him

  3. try to focus it more on your hands like.. the video, as much as I enjoy seeing you sir I would like to see your hand movements more! by the way… do you use a pick? or your fingers when you strum?

  4. That is 21 gun.

  5. you are awesome

  6. Hey man thanks for giving ur time to help me !!
    U got new Subscribed 🙂

  7. Do you know what's worth fighting for?

  8. My favrioute youtube teacher martz

  9. thank you, this is good,kmu tw ka sbnrnya klru aQ ni jo… beginner bh..:)

  10. can you explain the bridge please? It's the only part I didn't get!:$

  11. Sameer Jathavedan

    What kinda strumming does Marty do during the chorus? Because it sounds different from the normal strumming (DD DU)

  12. christian samoranos

    your so good marty

    request wanderlust by nightwish

  13. make it 155

  14. make that 155 people

  15. 1:05 haha

  16. I suck at guitar but, i can't dislike this 😀

  17. Prathamesh Chavan

    you are the best teacher in the world!! I really love all of your lessons. No other teacher on YouTube can teach like you! You explain very well.

  18. Hhik

  19. For some reason my Bb5 doesn't sound the same at all

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