Green Day – Wake Me Up When September Ends – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – How to Play click here to receive a free chord and scale book, plus other exclusive lessons not on youtube!!!

classic green day tune that can sound really cool for a beginner!! sounds great and it’s not too difficult to learn!! Thanks for all the support and see you in another lesson soon!!

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  1. Marty

  2. Ethereal Faith

    Sir Marty, I started learning to play guitar in this video 8 years ago, I had so many dreams back when I was 14 and you were the best tutor I had! Thank you very much!!!

  3. On the g5 bit are you strumming the first 2 strings e and a. Then all of them??

  4. Thanks again marty

  5. Ma Ring_the_ToMmy

    Fck!!i ur video was not clear mn..
    I cnt see it clearly

  6. Malou Regalado

    2:25 where part i rlly laughed xD

  7. Monkey D.Luffy

    For you haters out there 2:24

  8. Guitar ad before video

  9. Melodía de mi infancia cuánto te extraño

  10. Omg 2:25 i love that scene

  11. You won my respect from your apologise

  12. Sankara Narayanan H

    Fuck man you are explaining too fast

  13. It is so cool 🙂
    thank you.

  14. 97ChoreiRegal Chorei

    boom boom boom boom boom

  15. DigitalTitan83 ‘

    I'm gunna take my middle finger (sticks up middle finger) (I'm laughing so hard)

  16. thanks to you i can play it❤❤❤

  17. I don't know how to do g5

  18. unplugged acoustic

    Whenever somebody ask me who my guitar tutor is, I show them his video… Love you Marty Bro…

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