Green Day Welcome To Paradise Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Green Day Welcome To Paradise Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

WELCOME TO PARADISE! Today, I’m teaching you the Green Day classic, Welcome to Paradise! Get out your best eye liner and rebel attitude to learn this classic riff.

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  2. I've known this song for years but just Clicked on this because I love Greenday, I stayed for the sound of Marty's Guitar <3 <3 sounds more perfect than perfect :')

  3. ah, i'm loving the green day stuff, keep em comin.

  4. I have a few guitar covers on my channel and I'd love to hear everyones opinion

  5. Can you do a lesson on Operator (That's Not The Way It Feels) by Jim Croce?

  6. can you please do 3 doors downs here without you

  7. Ball and chain Janis Joplin please

  8. Hey Marty what kind of finish is on this guitar I love it and want one. Btw huge fan

  9. You should do a lesson on bark at the moon by ozzy Osborne

  10. Do suffocation blues by black pistol fire

  11. Octopus’s garden?Beatles

  12. Hi Marty, did you ever break down unaware by Alan Stone?

  13. Please do summer song by Chad and Jeremy

  14. Okay so im legally blind and started playing guitar about a week ago your channel has been a huge help for me to learn how to play. I was hoping you could make a tutorial video on this song. Its been my anthem since I lost my vision 8 months ago. I know your busy but if you find the time that would be awesome!! Parental advisory for the song lol.

  15. You’ve got the best guitar lessons on YouTube man! I’ve learned so much from your channel. Is there anyway you can do a Desperado acoustic tutorial?

  16. Love Green Day, I'll definitely be practicing this! Can you do some Marilyn Manson next? Anyways, keep up the good work!

  17. No “WHAT’S UP GUYYYYYYYS?!?!” …dang

  18. Can you teach just by radio head

  19. Can u do straight to Hell by clash plzzzzz

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