Green Day – When I Come Around – Guitar Lesson – How to Play Green Day on Guitar

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  1. Thanks so much for watching and supporting!! Also Tons of Great Free Courses at My Site

  2. Munteanu Vlad-Mihai

    Love this song. I was standing in the bus looking out the window and this was playing in my head.

  3. the diamond king

    Great lesson but you could just play with a simple G,D,E Minor then C

  4. I think the strat May be compulsory for any green day song…

  5. Thank u so much for this ur an amazing inspiration ..

  6. This really helped me with learning the tempo of the song thank you marty

  7. Nice. I appreciate the way you actually play the C-major (or B-major, since you're tuned down a half-step). Several covers I've seen simply skip the lowest string. I'll have to work on playing three strings with my fourth finger and muting the high E. Dang these little hands.

  8. What were the settings for the overdrive that you used so I can use those settings cause it fits the sound of this particular song

  9. I only have a metal distortion
    Sounds kinda weird but it works

  10. Hey, Marty. Thanks for the lesson. Do you reccomend a certain type of pedal for playing this kind of music?

  11. The Eleventh Midnight

    More billie joe Armstrong

  12. Um when I come around is from the nineties not the 2000s

  13. dude, how old is that guitar. it sounds amazing.a used guitar means it is well used

  14. could you do africa by weezer

  15. billi joe armstrong is actually older than marty

  16. Can you do a guitar lesson on the song coffee by beadaboobee

  17. Nice guitar! How much was it?

  18. Great vid, how do you get your tone like that?

  19. I am a beginner and I don’t know how to tune I don’t know any notes can you help me

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