Greta Van Fleet "When The Curtain Falls" Guitar lesson

Greta Van Fleet "When The Curtain Falls" Guitar lesson

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Hey what’s up you guys, Marty Schwartz here from MartyMusic again with a brand new Greta Van Fleet lesson for their new song “When The Curtain Falls”! I hope you enjoy it and have some fun rocking out!

Take care,
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  1. Thanks for your continued support of my own thing

  2. At 1:37, that's not the Gsus4 that Fleet used …

  3. All respect from Brazil

  4. You literally own an SG

  5. Many thanks Marty!!!

  6. The opening chord of the song is a G7sus – bar the 3rd fret, 5th fret on the A and G strings. Strike that chord and you'll know it…

  7. Thanks

  8. I think the opening chord might be a G7sus4 and not a just Gsus4. Sounds like the one guitar, simplified Hard Day's Night chord.

  9. Marty yo so koo ! lol…. Love 'em lessons, you’re so down to mutha’s Earth, explaining simply n’ clearly. Your good mood is much appreciated in mud-drenched Euro-kolkhoz kollektive. Thank you!

  10. Thanks Marty I’ve never learned so much in the space of a month and really appreciate the gift of knowledge you give

  11. What is this amp????

  12. arthur medeiros

    That riff is amazing!!!

  13. Jesus 4: Chord. I didn't know there was a Jesus 3!!


  15. Awesome man thanks for making this video! I'm going to see Greta Van Fleet play at the Fox Theater here in Detroit tomorrow night and I can't wait! Wanted to learn some of their riffs before I see them perform.

  16. need to learn music theory

  17. Man is this a new chanle? Could be clled popa stash and capton beard. Love ya marty. I reconized the paul and the ÷ 13 but you i had to look at dor a while. Ps im another old guy that thinks Greta van fleet rocks! Got both lps and i think i liared all their stuff.

  18. hii marty… could you do a lesson on heaven in black by axxis on acoustic guitar

  19. Such a great fuckin riff.nuff said

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