Guitar Lesson 2 – EASY 2 CHORD SONG & LEAD GUITAR [10 Day Guitar Starter Course]


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This 10 Day Starter Course is a ‘Youtube Friendly’ shorthand version of my Full Beginners Course!

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  1. God, i hate this song. But, you and your rhetoric make it so easy to comprehend. Much obliged and fingers crossed for some sabbath

  2. Note2114 . Here are best resource for you: 527 free video lessons for guitar beginners . Link: GuitarTips247 .info/2018/06/527-free-video-lessons-for-guitar-beginners.html

  3. so, when i take my fingers off of the strings during the melody, it makes a sound…. ruining the sound and note. any tips for this issue?

  4. You talk way to much I am finding it really hard to watch these videos

  5. Would it be the same if I was playing a Nylon guitar instead of steel one ?

  6. Thanks for the TAB. Saw it in a book and just didn't get it. It really helps!

  7. This is brilliant! This simplified version really helps to play something I like and others can recognize. Some friends that have listened think it sounds pretty good, considering I've been doing this only a very short time. The riff really helps. Scales will arrive soon, I think, but for right now this really helps – thanks for this "positive reinforcement"!!!

  8. Thank you very much, Andy. You made my journey of learning guitar more easier

  9. What is your name

  10. it actually took me 37 minutes to perfect each videos 10 minute goal

  11. I REALLY wish i was born in USA

  12. So far I have enjoyed the lessons, I found I can keep up with Andy alittle better if I warm up with a metronome set at 65bpm for 5 minutes going over the A & D chord.

  13. way too hard for me… crying. I need a in person instructor!

  14. I am a novice in guitar.. I have no real intention to learn guitar. You are a great trainer and your videos are the only reason I keep going as an absolute beginner 🙂

  15. so hard to understand u andy

  16. this is Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NOW BELIVE I CAN!!!!!!

  17. juan gabriel garcia luna

    Hi, Im not using a peak and its really hard to play only the 4 strings of the guitar without touching the rest. Any suggestion?

  18. I'm all about efficiency. Hence I'm really keen to try that A chord style – Thanks mate!

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