Guitar Lesson 3 – ‘Three Little Birds’ Guitar Tutorial [10 Day Guitar Starter Course]


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  1. really useful

  2. Im quite surprised that I can do this because I actually stopped for a week after watching day 2 cause may anxiety and depression kicked in again, and I lost all my motivation to learn. But im back again now and I can do it 😀 thanks for the effort in putting together this tutorials, it really helps me alot

  3. Hi Andy. I am learning to play my guitar and I seem to be doing well BUT my change overs I struggle with then I miss the beat and so on… how can I overcome this? Please help me…

  4. =very clear explanation…thanks a lot Andy

  5. U are amazing andy, thanks a lot for making these tutorials

  6. Any help on transitions

  7. Hi Andy.. these tutorials are amazing. Thank you so much!

  8. Ahh hand cramp, never sucked at anything so much haha >.> Gonna keep trying though, thanks for these lessons!

  9. bro u r can u play the indian songs.

  10. Hey andy you have a new suscriber now, awesome videos, you explain pretty good 😀

  11. hi Andy what guitar are you using???

  12. yay, thank u so much the fingers positioning is great from E,A,D

  13. Oh my god this is amazing! Very thorough, I really recommend it for beginners. As a beginner it was easy for me. Keep up the good work!

  14. I played this on my 2nd day.. Your channel is the best to learn guitar.. Really easy to understand..

  15. I have already watched three lessons without guitar and i am very captivated with your teaching skill. I really need a guitar for this.Hopefully i am going to get one next week.I cant wait of starting to play a guitar

  16. I got my guitar  around 5 years ago , started to pick it us two days ago and follow Andy . It was such a pleasure to study from you , with lots of fun . Even when it is getting bit hard , your smile really inspired me . Thank you Andy , I could play "three little birds "now . ——Students from China .

  17. Tf just happened…. This seems hopeless!! D:


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