Guitar Lesson 4 – Your First Riff! [10 Day Guitar Starter Course]


Day 4 Lesson notes & help: ►►

This 10 Day Starter Course is a ‘Youtube Friendly’ shorthand version of my Full Beginners Course.

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  1. Provide me that guitar

  2. honestly i cant change my chord so fast as like yours, any tips pro?

  3. what's the guitar r u using?

  4. I gotta say, shifting from the violin to the guitar is really hard. On the violin, your notes have to be strong and precise vs the guitar which is so flowy. And since their both in treble clef, I thought I could learn myself and figure it out. Nope. The only strings I recognize is the open G and E string, then the B would actually be 1st finger on A, on the violin. So it was really hard for years shifting over, and millions of times I've given up. But when I saw the 10 day guitar challege (lesson) I decieded to give it another go, and I actually have been picking it up fairly well. Reading the notes on the sheet of paper is still mind boggling to me, but when I hear a cord. I can play it (well the basics at least) Thanks so much Andy for dusting off my old guitar 🙂

  5. Fatima Hamidova RDJ

    you are really amazing teacher. I cant understand what you say but I can learn to play the guitar with your lessons. thank you so much 🙂

  6. I like these lessons! 😀

  7. Makynzie Anderson

    Andy! I've been practicing for a couple weeks and my fingers have finally started to get familiar with the strings. I like feeling the little calluses on the tips, it makes me feel excited to keep practicing. Thanks for your lessons, and for your awesome attitude

  8. Been stuck at day 1 and 2 lesson…trying soooo hard to switch my fingers from Em to A…progress so far : 3 fingers.dead.hahaha

  9. my new fav song!

  10. Thanks alot! I love it!!!

  11. Thank you very cool and fun

  12. Anyone else having issues with the first string never ringing out right on the D chord? No? Just me? Ok.

  13. Hey Andy! These videos are great thank you so much! I've had my guitar for a year already and have been procrastinating learning because it's quite difficult when you just want to play your favorite song but the song is too advanced but these videos are nice and simple and helping me so much!


  15. i love your videos so!!! it makes me happy to play with and think im good :)… its a wild thing! you are georgeous! Thanks 🙂

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