Guitar Lesson – 5 jazz standards arranged for chord-melody

Guitar Lesson - 5 jazz standards arranged for chord-melody

This video contains 5 arrangements with chord shapes of famous jazz tunes to play chord-melody guitar. Lessons with chord charts overlayed in real time. Timeline is below.

0:12 Beautiful love
1:10 Misty
3:15 Moon river
5:02 Stella by startlight
6:08 Autumn Leaves

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  1. Well, not bad … but misleading. Let's take the beginning. At 0:16 you are playing a A7#5 chord but you do not show it. And it goes on like that …

  2. I used to play rock but since I grew older, I wanna explore something soothing and soft. and this is exactly I wanna learn. no talking, just videos and nice clear example. thank you sir

  3. This is amazing, Im learning so much with this channel! Thank you! greetings from argentina

  4. Excellent lesson! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Merci beaucoup.

  6. I love your chord-melody videos, thank you

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