Guitar Lesson 6 – EASY Fingerstyle & Minor Chords – Ain’t no sunshine Tutorial


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  1. You are fucking amazing man, you deserve all credit for me learning to play the guitar. Keep up the great work!

  2. Esteban GraciaLeon

    Thank youuuu meeeen!!!

  3. So for the E minor you put your first finger on the 5th string, but you never pluck that string. What's the point of that?

  4. Awesome tutorial – loving it!!!!  You have the BEST tutorials of any I've seen on YouTube or anywhere.  Keep on giving us more lessons!  God Bless you, you are such an awesome teacher!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I've learnt more from you in two days than I in 1year of lessons in school.

  6. when i was plucking with my three fingers it wasn't sounding right, I had to press the strings a bit harder to get the sound right.

  7. How is this easier than using a pick:p

  8. Andy. Over the years I've tried so many times to learn how to play guitar, I've been retired for a year now and decided to try for one last time… I followed your 10 day beginners course and I have finally started to play music. THANK YOU FOR CLEAR LESSONS. Tony Crouch

  9. Is it okay to just pick base key stram down?

  10. Andy you should have your own postage stamp it would sell like hot tea in the morning

  11. I used to hate using a pick.. now I can barely play without it xD

  12. watching the whole series again just because I love the way Andy talks, so soothing

  13. Comsat Class Representative

    You are cool Sir , 🙂

  14. Thanks for all of these! I have noodled around on guitar and even written a couple songs, but never really had the focus or time or money or courage etc. etc. to properly learn. Or, I'd start with a song I loved that was actually too hard and get discouraged. I'm having a lot of fun and already so happy i can play Wild Thing, Oh La La and this song!? (I mean… I know HOW to play them, and play them slowly…:) ) I honestly didn't think I could get this finger picking thing and I have… now it's just a matter of practicing which is enjoyable because you keep it simple yet informative and you have great songs and enthusiasm. Your English accent helps too, I think 😉

  15. I'm actually learning something here! Thank you so much
    You make learning the guitar very easy and fun 🙂

  16. too bad I can't sing

  17. These lessons are great! Helped me a lot! More than a lot!  You're a great teacher! Thanks

  18. Love this song thanks Andy. Your the Best.

  19. amazing stuff

  20. BEST LESSONS YOU HELPED ME SO MUCH DUUUUUDDEEEE ! Keep up the good work man !

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