Guitar Lesson: Ambient Looping on Electric Guitar

More info here: (worship tutorials)

In this lesson, Bradford shows us how to use any looper type of pedal (or a pedal with a looper built into it) to create an ambient loop that you can play other parts on top of.

Gear used in this video:

Guitar: Fender ’72 Thinline Telecaster Reissue
Amp/effects: Line 6 POD HD500x
Video Rating: / 5


  1. i need to know which group of music play this kind of sound with electric guitar at 4:32

  2. Very cool!


  4. so creating a 'drone' with the sweeping loop.. thats an awesome idea. love it!

  5. Nice sound !!

  6. Loved this one, very interesting!

  7. I've got the same guitar! :D

  8. Awesome!

  9. awesome, thanks friend 🙂 useful info indeed!

  10. Nathan Shafer (EchoEchoGuy)

    Nice video and demonstration!

  11. awesome awesome video.

  12. Alexander Townley

    can anyone recommend a guitar pedal with similar looping effects to this? I physically cant afford a Line 6 POD HD500x but im really after a looping effect like this between songs!

  13. How would I learn all of those chords to alter them and play them with two strings like you're doing ? 

  14. Glenn Michael Thompson

    Those 10ths you play are a sweet way to give the harmony some motion without cluttering it up with full chords. For anyone who doesn't have a looper, you can get very similar effects with an Electro Harmonics Freeze pedal ($99). Thanks for the video. I've played in a worship group for several years, as well as being hired by many gospel groups & choirs over the years. God bless.

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