Guitar Lesson – Closer To The Heart by Rush – How to Play Acoustic Tutorial

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  1. Alexander Hutchison


  2. that's one nice fuckin kitty there

  3. Unnecessary Commenter

    my middle finger keeps hitting the open string any tips?

  4. a easy way to learn it thanks man

  5. Rahhhh this is hard i keep hitting both 2nd and 3rd with my middle finger lol

  6. This has helped so much thankyou

  7. Picking is up, up, down on the intro.

  8. Great lesson man I enjoyed it and it was helpful. Love the song too

  9. Not the same pattern. The second time try 5th fret high E, open B, 7th fret D string descending. This happens every other time.

  10. me too
    like 4 free mtn dew.

  11. Joseph P. Arsenault

    I like having all these videos to reference anytime I want! Private lessons are great, but this is a lot cheaper !

  12. No one is getting the Asus hammer-on part quite right. It's more like (B)2 (e)0 (B)0h2 (e)0. Great tutorial though, thanks

  13. I like how you brought the pick up rather than move the camera view

  14. I wish that someone would say the names of the notes instead of just fret numbers. Maybe even what the chord is would be nice.

  15. Awesome lesson! Give it down already. Awesome instructor!!!!!!

  16. thats a nice fing kitty cat

  17. if bubbles can play it so can I

  18. that was a fucking great concert

  19. Thanks man

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