Guitar Lesson – Creating Melodic Solos By Incorporating Chords – EP166

Guitar Lesson - Creating Melodic Solos By Incorporating Chords - EP166

To watch the Part 2 video (the melody) as well as access to the tablature, on-screen tab viewer, and the MP3 jam tracks (in 3 keys) for this lesson, visit

In this guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play a more melodic solo by introducing chord shapes into your solos. You’ll learn how to connect chord shapes in various voicings up the neck of the guitar by using arpeggios.

If you like this lesson, be sure to check out EP164 which is the Part 1 video and teaches a different melody. You can view that video by going here:
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  1. Seems to me lurking that lurking underneath this lesson and 164 is the CAGED "system" – do you think linking these awesome lead lessons with the CAGED system could help us see where these notes and chords come from? BTW – PLEASE keep adding to this series!

  2. I appreciate you doing another lesson teaching us how to create solos. Learning these more advanced strategies allows us to expand our playing in new ways.Thank you for each and every lesson.

  3. Another great lesson and glad you followed up on ep164 which was kind of a "sleeper lesson" meaning I didn't realize just how important (and interesting) it was until I really got into it and started applying it on my own. A real eye opener and now one of my favorite lessons. Cant wait to check out the second half of the lesson on ActiveMelody. As always, great work Brian and THANK YOU.

  4. is the 2nd F#m the same as an A6

  5. Very good

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