Guitar Lesson Episode #1 (Beginner,Basic,Theory,Fun Facts)

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Guitar Lesson Episode #1 (Beginner,Basic,Theory,Fun Facts)
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  1. Nxt level ko lessons plz bro

  2. Waiting for next episode dai….like as beginners….

  3. i want to tell something to all the beginner or intermediate player that music theory only plays the 30% role rest 70% is the is exercise and creativity. I m not saying that the music theory can't help but its just the half way.For eg lets say If you want to make some food and u have all the ingredients of food but you don't know how to cook and that's the thing theory is just like should have your own creativity and do alots of practice. the more you practice the more get the experience.Another eg is like its easy and sound very cool to hear about the scales but when you try to practice the scale pattern it becomes very difficult than you think.Just imagine that you have problem to practice one scale pattern and the thing is that there are alots of scales pattern.but it depends upon you that what type of guitarist you want to be because different scales produce different sound.but to become a good guitarist you should have the experience of all scales pattern.that's why I m saying that in guitar world practice is everything.Practice the scales and other stuff slowly don't be hurry because it is also a formula to master the guitar.So bros just do practice All the time with music theory.And I also like this channel because its is helping alots of new beginner guitarist and I give a thumbs up to this channel and keep doing this Bro.And all the comment reader if you wants some more stuff I recommend you 'Fret jam' channel.its my favourite channel .

  4. sahi ho dai. aba chai theory mai focus garera video upload garnus la

  5. Thank you dai love you dai..

  6. Dai Epidode #2 chado jhiknu pariyo

  7. Nepali reaction channel

    bro acoustic guitar bata pni garnula. Ani ma pani damak bata ho. Ako beka vetum la✋✊

  8. Ani next video ko jankari pani garaidinu hola video ko antyema plzz..

  9. dai ali chado chado vedio upload garnu

  10. Thanks ..dai yo sabai thahaxa malai …m waiting for next lesson …..chadae upload garnu hai next lesson ni…ani to create solo ko lesson banaununa dai hai … !! Takecare ..god bless you !! And keep it up dai!!!

  11. Waiting for modes

  12. Greatbrother

  13. doing great bro it's really help us… music school gaye sikna tyaha vanda yo video bata sikna help vayo malai

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