Guitar Lesson Feel Good Inc The Gorillaz

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I love sharing my music with others. I produce videos of originals and cover songs to pay tribute to artists that I personally appreciate. I have covered artists such as: Gorillaz, Feel Good Inc. — Lorde, Royals — Passenger, Let Her Go — Black Keys, Gold on the Ceiling – Mumford and Sons, Little Lion Man – Warren G, Regulate and more. I self-produce the audio and video on all my Youtube content. I play all the instruments with the exception of a few guest musicians on some of the videos . I have produced three CD’s with the first entitled Learning To Love Yourself 2009 followed by Drugs 2010 and Eleven 2014. I’ve worked diligently to develop a unique musical style but I have to admit that I’ve drawn inspiration from many of my favorite musicians such as: Michael Einziger of Incubus, Bon Iver, Travis Meeks of Days Of The New, Jason Mraz , John Mayer, Tommy Emmanuel, Rodrigo y Gabriella and John Gomm.


  1. i didnt know ryan kesler could play guitar.

  2. Your lesson is incorrect. First of all, there is no drop D tuning. Second, the song is in D#m and you play it in Dm. If you do that, you might as well stay in standart tuning.

  3. austin & wyatt m3me

    whats up 500 comment

  4. do you have a cat and a vein in your arm?

  5. London LiketheBridge

    Loved it!!

  6. Great video! Very easy to learn

  7. Random Person16

    I cant bar the cords right I just mute them… ugh and if it wasnt for that I would have this song down already…

  8. Absolutely AWESOME!!

  9. I can't even watch it with YouTubes update

  10. thank you so much for this .

  11. Jim halpert

  12. 2D the friendly bleach merchant


  13. NintenBro Official

    "gorillaz" not "the gorillaz"

  14. TheFlabagusted

    I hate the fact that this isn't wrong it's just making something so much more complicated than it needs to be…Just tune standard, use the E and A strings and tab it as
    (And play it on bass)

  15. he looks like young Ian from smosh

  16. thnx 29000th subscribed

  17. He kinda looks like Jim from the office

  18. Owesome tutorial dude, thank you!!!!

  19. Chillin' with Holden

    dude this was so helpful thank you

  20. i cant play the strings with my pinky finger :c

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