Guitar Lesson for "More Than a Feeling" by Boston

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Here’s “More Than a Feeling” by Boston! Thanks for supporting me at “MartyMusic”!


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  1. Folks is that fucken cool or what.!

  2. Finally comng together lol. Its only taken more then i care to mention.

  3. C h i l l P o s t i n g

    Guitar Hero flashbacks

  4. This is the first full song I’ve learned to play on guitar! I’ve been practicing for weeks to play for my dad because we love Boston, and especially this song. Thanks Marty!

  5. Cant get that cha cha cha on electric guitar that sound right lol

  6. Just got a 12 string thanks Marty

  7. Wow, this has helped a bunch….picking has been and still his real tough for me but I'm getting there. Thanks.

  8. Starts @1:11

  9. Hes way underrated. I know like 10 songs now, because of him. Keep up the good work!
    P.S.: Can you do one by metallica?

  10. Bad Ass Taylor 12

  11. 7:00 timestamp

  12. You're the best Marty

  13. I love the way you teach and your pace, and the instructions are very clear. Think I've found my new online guitar teacher! (subscribed)

  14. Political Outsider

    Marty is way overrated
    He spends too much time on the easy parts
    He speeds through the bar chords to where you gotta go back and look at over and over

    Only Marty knows what he's talking about.

  15. Smells like teen spirit

  16. Do you use a pick for this song? (I'm a beginner)

  17. I watched a video of this song , live, and Tom Scholz was strumming the chorus out of barre chords. I realize Marty is trying to help newer players, but I'm interested in other parts of the song.

  18. MARTIN!!!!

  19. Once again, Marty has taught me

  20. You had me nervous I thought you were gonna teach it on 12 string

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