Guitar Lesson For Vibrato Techniques – How to Use Vibrato on guitar

Guitar Lesson For Vibrato Techniques - How to Use Vibrato on guitar

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  1. Shoot, is it a little too late to win the lessons?

  2. 2:35 off of a bend

  3. Schlumbucket Returns

    Marty can't groove. White man's curse.

  4. I've got that same T shirt!

  5. I still don’t really understand. Another instructor was saying it was a whole hand movement, not just moving your fingers up and down, I’m very confused. Any advice for me since I’m going from a violin to guitar? I’m used to violin vibrato…

  6. I can't do some other vibrato techniques I've tried, but I think i can do this approach. Thanks for that!!

  7. I'm currently figuring out how vibrato works while you're bending strings…. Any tips?

  8. First step to learning vibrato is to pronounce it correctly – veebrato, not vaibrato.

  9. I can’t even start it I keep muting the note or hitting other strings oof

  10. Marty
    so first off thank you for all the instruction over the years
    so I have been an amateur player for like 40 yrs,, and after 25 I started to get lots of elbow tendonitis issues,,, so I discovered that if I tuned down down 2 steps not only did I suffer less tendon issues but and here is the amazing thing suddenly I was able to get much more tremelo, and the many micro tones in bending notes, and also with pedals overdrive and metal I was able to get screams much more easily
    so have you heard of this andwhat do you think
    thanks again

  11. Helpful video, but fulcrums and levers are barely even basic engineering let alone fancy.

  12. KIFFLOM.

  13. Who is lucky enough to be your student ! You are one of the best guitar teachers ever !

  14. Shake that neck like a redheaded stepchild! Love it Marty

  15. Hope you're doing well Marty.

  16. When are you going to do a face reveal???

  17. Good stuff Marty!

  18. I swear you look exactly like my friend, just with a fedora

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