Guitar Lesson: Here Without You 1/3 – 3 Doors Down – How to play Intro&Verse

Guitar Lesson: Here Without You 1/3 - 3 Doors Down - How to play Intro&Verse

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Learn how to play “Here Without You” by 3 Doors Down on electric or acoustic guitar with this free online instructional youtube tutorial / instructional video. In this lesson I cover the intro and verse, in the next lessons we’ll look at the chorus, bridge, and outro…

This lesson is basically a “by ear transcription” that i did but i’ve checked a video or 2 to make it accurate enough. This could mean that the guitarplayer plays certain chords or riffs with a different fingering or at places the picking pattern could be slightly different. I am confident though that the tutorial should be pretty ok…

Chances are that I don’t cover each and every variation to the theme or chorus, but this tutorial should give you a solid base for those few alterations that are played in the original song.

Important note: I’m trying out new video editing software so not everything is as should be. Final cut pro x is nice to work with but certain things are really different. Cause of lack of time these things will progress slowly…

Anyway, enjoy this new video!


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  1. nice,,man,,,

  2. please guitar tutorial broken wings by alter bridge

  3. The tabs are like in Kryptonite…!

  4. Does it matter if my Guitar isn't in Eb?

  5. you are the best

  6. vincent jadraque

    very well

  7. Lockdown Indonesia


  8. intro annoying as fuck but bad ass video lol im just complaining

  9. Jerry Keichinger


  10. Thanks for sharing…

  11. This is real hard man. My strings sounds like plastic when I do a Bar chord and pluck it.

  12. You are a semi tone too high

  13. Thnx man n by the way can u put the lesson of one last breath by creed plz man I really need that

  14. Ravem Amirhussin

    um.. can u make a video on how to play here by me also by three doors down???

  15. hi should mention that the recording both studio and accoustic Here Without You' – Sessions @ AOL use Eb tuning
    or capo on first fret to use open chords

  16. Arnaldo marques

    .muito simples. mas tabom

  17. Beautiful guitar sound. What model guitar are you playing? What kind of pedal are you using? Thanks..

  18. Спасибо большое! Очень хороший разбор! Вы молодцы! :)

  19. your the best teach us more song please

  20. pleaseee can u play Lucia's "Days" song? l need guitar cover of this song . pleaseee 🙁 l cant find this song's kareoke version (((

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