Guitar Lesson: How To Improvise a Melodic Melody By Visualizing Chord Shapes – EP223

Guitar Lesson: How To Improvise a Melodic Melody By Visualizing Chord Shapes - EP223

In this week’s guitar lesson, I’ll show you how to visualize barre chord shapes to create harmonized leads and melodic solos. You’ll also learn how to play chord changes (switching scales to match the chord).

If you’d like to view the second half of this guitar lesson, as well as download the tablature and MP3 jam track (in 2 tempos), visit


  1. You are such a good teacher because you take so much effort to explain each and ever step. You are so dedicated and I think you are simply the best on U Tube. God Bless You and your family for the wonderful work.

  2. Hey Brian!

    The theory part of your lesson (Aaah! Yes I mentioned that scary word.) is very interesting.

    I’ve (after all these years of avoiding even the mention of the word) just started to pick up on the smallest bit of it, regarding the 1-4-5 chords. In this video I heard you talk about “playing the 4 of the 4 chord” (or something to that effect). I would like you to some day expound on that in a lesson if you would be so kind.

    Notice how the word theory suddenly makes me use bigger words e.g. “expound”?

    Anyway I know I’m really crawling before walking but in the last two days I’ve suddenly overcome my complete aversion to even the mention of theory. I think it’s because it’s always sounded so damned complicated yet you and another person I’ve listened to have broken through my fear of talking about the subject and peaked my interest.

    I write songs every once in a while and while I don’t claim to be great at it I really enjoy it and it’s a lot of fun. I think (as you mention here) I your theory remarks can help me add some spice and variety to my songwriting. And since variety is THE SPICE of life I now want to dig into theory a little more.

    (Sorry for the long-winded message)



  3. Old Timey Gospel Acoustic Lessons

    Hey Brian I love this lesson and I'm requesting more lessons like this lesson how to improvise using the chords going through the chords thank you very much for this lesson Brian

  4. Another cool lesson. Thanks.

  5. Nice lesson and hope to see more of these.

  6. Awesome lesson! Sounds great. You just have to think a bit more than simply playing a scale, but it sounds so much more melodic. I've been trying to understand how to incorporate chord shapes in lead playing and you explained it well.

  7. Richard Sørensen

    the e shape is hard to get on a acoustic guitar acoustic think

  8. You really are an amazing teacher! Gifted to say the least. Thanks for all the free lessons, they've helped a lot!

  9. Fantastic lesson! Thanks Brian!

  10. No More Time N.M.T

    sir I want the track you play in the intro if u can offer to me..

  11. very nice

  12. Brian, I subscribe to you because I like your playing. I don't need the lessons as I've been a pro player for many years. However, I have always loved the tasteful playing of George Harrison. On your slide video and this one you demonstrate the same sense of musicality and taste he had. Good job.

  13. Brian what make and model guitar are you playing?

  14. Thanks, Brian. This is great!

  15. beautiful sound! what amplifier did you use?

  16. Soooo cool!

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