Guitar Lesson: How To Play Cream by Prince – 2004 Live Solo Acoustic Style

What I love about this particular performance is seeing a Prince song performed as, essentially, a blues song. There are plenty of licks in this song that can be transferred to any key, so becoming comfortable with this song will give you skills that you can transfer to any song. I hope you enjoy learning Cream by Prince on the acoustic guitar – solo acoustic style.

Prince’s solo acoustic performance of Cream of reference:
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  1. Brandon Calloway

    Might as well do purple rain dude lol. Forgive me if I missed it.

  2. Hey Ryan, I love the channel you’ve helped me learn so many songs! One request I have would be Mersey Paradise by The Stone Roses. Its such has such a great guitar part and there are no good tutorials online!

  3. I have previously watched the Webster Hall performance, at various speeds, and resigned to just listening and not attempting collect gems from it, but again Professor Lendt manages to extrapolate the entire performance and deliver it in such a manner that any ol' muppet with some chicken wire and a plank would believe they can play. Regulars will recognise the video is over 11 minutes long as not shown with cocktails to hand, so it's a mind bender. Ryan, thank you, this video is full of so many gems, as you said that can be used elsewhere, even if you don't manage to do a Prince level rendition it should still have a sign post of "to Treasure Island".

  4. Ryan how do you like the new PJ album

  5. Giuliano Palmieri


  6. Saw Prince in 04( I believe) on Musicology tour in Hartford,Ct! Phenomenal performer and his band was AMAZING!!

  7. EastTexasClapDoctor 798

    Maybe purple rain? Maybe?…

  8. Not a big Prince fan, but he was a great guitarist no doubt.

  9. Prince was one of kind. Cool lesson.

  10. Brilliant brilliant brilliant!

    I'm still figuring out ChumbaWamba…

  11. Love how YouTube throws in something outta left field in recommended videos. In the ones associated with this vid; some Pearl Jam videos, Slash teaching Paradise City, Metallica Chris Cornel tribute video, 2 from another channel I subscribe to aaaaand how to prepare and cook squirrel!!??

  12. Well this is too much…. I have memories of taping this song from radio when it was number 1 on Casey Kasems top 40…. this was early … before I figured out what music could do for the soul.

  13. I'm a sucker for tasty licks, it has to be said.

  14. Our Raspberry beret wearing musical genius brother lives on thru his music!

  15. Ryan! Link to the price video you reference 🙂 ty sir

  16. This is ambitious! I am no Prince aficionado by any stretch. But I was fixated and in awe whenever he grabbed a six string.

  17. Great lesson! Favorite track off of gigaton?

  18. Sweet. Kids keep attacking me when I bring guitar out. Yes. It is a reflection on my abilities. Maybe when they go to bed.

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