Guitar Lesson: How To Play Daughter By Pearl Jam!

Guitar Lesson: How To Play Daughter By Pearl Jam!


  1. When PJ plays the song, are both guitar's tuned the same? Can you do a quick lesson on the solo in that same tuning?

  2. What app do you use for tuning?

  3. Awesome video man. Really enjoyed your easy teaching manner. Did you miss a bit though? Or did I? “The shades go….down…..” I’m stuck on that bit

  4. If you haven't done one already (I need to remember to scan through your videos when I get home) could I request an "I am Mine" acoustic tutorial?

  5. Acoustic Music Now

    I've got to try this..awesome and subscribed old beany!

  6. Cool! What's the strum pattern (in down up down terms)?

  7. So simple and so cool.

  8. Fearless by Pink Floyd uses the same tuning

  9. who the hell would put a thumb down to this…LOL

  10. Sachin Tulachan

    Can u play with song

  11. Same tuning as "Who's Behind The Door" by Zebra, except that's on a 12 string of course.

  12. excellent job! helped out greatly!

  13. lorenzo wijker

    Man you have beautiful guitars. You teach so easy and fun I get it immediately thanks and keep it up

  14. Great lesson of a quality track, and great sense of humour… love it! It all sounded so much more difficult!

  15. Manuel Gonzalez

    Another awesome job, mate. Does it bother you to have to detune and retune your guitar to play the songs you love or you make other arrangements to play it all in standard tuning when you're just jamming with your friends? I wonder. Cause pros have tens of guitars and they can keep them in all sorts of different tunings, do you? Anyway, cheers man! Love your channel

  16. Daniel Williams

    Had to subscribe man. Great lesson!

  17. Kristy Crighton

    I have wanted to learn this for years cheers man

  18. Do u know any pearl jam songs .lol .
    Great work .

  19. That guitar sounds Beautiful. Awesome lesson dude.

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