Guitar Lesson: How To Play Head Down by Soundgarden
IG: RyanLStudios


  1. Rasmus Sloth Hoffmann

    Your choice of super secret code has my full and complete support.

    Whoa, 2 million! Now that's a bugle to be proud of 🙂

    I'm convinced the intro slidey-uppy-downy thing is 1 and 2s, not all 1s. I'll fight you! (no I won't). But if you're totally, utterly, completely certain it's all 1s, then I'm inclined to believe you. After all, your earballs have been proven better than mine before 🙂

    Oh we'll share a canoe ride one day, that's for sure. It may not happen today, might not be tomorrow, but one day, certainly. And when we do, we'll share a horn of my brother and I's homebrew mead as well 🙂

    I watched this on a balcony overlooking a beautiful mountain lake in northern Italy. The idea of having to cut my pack-on-the-backing trip short and then being able to do nothing at home with a hand that doesn't work, was too much. I'm sure you can imagine 🙂

  2. Congratulations Ryan! Could you do a tutorial for Bring Yourself by Days of the New?

  3. 2,000,000 eyeball congratulations.
    *Super cool riff !

  4. Brandon Calloway

    YES SIR !!! Thank you very much. Love those weird tunings.

  5. Thanks Ryan and Slot for this cool Soundgarden's song!

  6. Thanks again! This will be a fun one!

  7. Hi there Ryan. As a budding guitarist I’d recently stumbled across your channel and it’s excellent. I also grew up on 90’s alt-rock & grunge and it’s great being able to learn a lot of my favourite songs. Any chance of doing a lesson on Down on the Upside outtake, ‘Bleed Together’. I’d like to learn that one if possible. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  8. Gianes Baby-Blues

    Congratulations Ryan!!
    You are the man for a reason.
    I appreciate everything you've help me accomplish on the ole six string.

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