Guitar Lesson: How To Play Layla (Acoustic) By Eric Clapton
IG: RyanLStudios

Brand new to guitar? Check out this playlist:

Take a moment to enjoy “Land” by The Dirty Dirty Men (that’s me and Zoey!)


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  1. Great job Ryan!
    Great acoustic song.
    Christmas day I turn 45.
    Anyway we can get crackerman unplugged for a sweet gift of grunge? Please sir. Can I have some more?

  2. Hey ryan can you please explain sometime soloing in other keys and the difference between these keys and everything about that because it is so confusing

  3. Thanks Ryan! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  4. Merry Christmas Ryan!!! thanks for your perfect job

  5. David guitar madman

    Merry Christmas Ryan! Thanks for "Layla"

  6. Clapton for Christmas. Love it. Merry Christmas Ryan!

  7. Merry Christmas Ryan!

  8. Thank you good sir

  9. The good news for me is that how I taught myself to play a Dm oh so many years ago.

    But true story, I know of this song but have never heard it.

  10. Another great lesson! Such a fun one to play. It’s one of those songs I’ve always liked, but now that I can play it, I like it so much more. Have a Merry Christmas!!
    I’m goona keep playing Layla all day 😉

  11. Excellent! This song has been on my bucket list. Happy Birthday to me!

  12. Rasmus Sloth Hoffmann

    Merry Christmas 🙂

  13. You da man!

  14. Slither – Velvet Revolver or Fall to pieces – Velvet Revolver?

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