Guitar Lesson: How to play the A Major Scale

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  1. Pretty cool how you showed the simplicity of playing Joy to the World from the scale.

  2. what's the difference between major and pentatonic scale ?

  3. What does r mean

  4. Fuck ! The all guitars toturial to much fucking talk!

  5. i just realized that the song "Bolero" by Revell is nothing but the major scale

  6. For those of you who want an easy answer like me, here are the notes, use a tuner to find them on your guitar: A, B, C#, D, E, F#, and G#

  7. Jennifer Holland

    This is literally the only video that helped me. Thank you!

  8. wtf major scale have 8 notes only


  10. Heber Velásquez

    Great tutorial.

  11. Hossain md Pappu

    i am also very happy for learning

  12. Too fast, so hard to understand!

  13. too fast

  14. great tutorial! but how long should it take for someone to learn the major scale and be proficient in it? seems to be taking me forever

  15. was thinking maybe you guys could do some guitar theory lessons?

  16. This lesson helps me so much and answers evey questions about scales!! Thanks

  17. Worship Tutorials

    Just finished editing the next one – it'll be up soon!

  18. David Van Lal Lian

    Great Tutorials!

  19. More lead tutorials please! Been checkin this channel soo many times just for it!! 😀

  20. thanx man!u ddnt complicate it!

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