Guitar Lesson: How To Play The NeverEnding Story Theme Song
IG: RyanLStudios
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  1. Can you please do “the other Jesus” by swervedriver I can’t find a lesson on YouTube

  2. Every week we’d get 1 movie rental… 3 years straight mine was never ending story. I would yell at the screen “stop crying Atreyu!! Tell that fucking horse a knock knock joke!! Tell that horse you’re gonna be covered in hot horse chicks once you defeat the nothing!! Don’t just cry and make your horse even sadder!!!”… great flick..

  3. Thanks Ryan for doing this one and thanks for pronouncing my last name correctly. Cheers my friend. Can’t wait to dig in

  4. Pleasant surprise with this one. However I have refused to show this to my little one yet because if the horse thing (pssttt…I secretly don't want to watch that part).

  5. Can't say as I ever saw it. I was a little old for Yellow Submarine when it came out. Did see Another Brick In The Wall on Betamax tho.

  6. Oh my god, after bringing me back to my student years with Basket Case, you bring me back to my childhood now… Artaaaaaaaaax, nooooo! 🙁


  8. Do you remember on one of your live streams we discussed Line 6 Amplifi vs Spider v? Turns out they use the exact same amp and effects models, so we're both right, yay!!

  9. The theme song band wagon? I'll go for Knight Rider or Gilligan's Island or both.

  10. Can you please do 80 by Green Day

  11. Lol awesome man !!! Love this. We just watched it with my daughter a couple of weeks ago.

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