Guitar Lesson – How To Play Your First Chord

Guitar Lesson - How To Play Your First Chord

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  1. Worship Tutorials

    So after all the references to Liza, I looked her up. And then I got it. For the record, the audio bumper in this is a stock Apple track that ships with all their pro audio apps. 🙂

  2. You only teach D

  3. Wrong there's a high E and a low E

  4. Your left hand was holding the neck wrong…

  5. Ok so I got confused right before the 4 min mark. Help!!!

  6. When you put your finger on the strings are you soppose to push it down?

  7. What app can i use to toon my guitar

  8. Hey this is awesome I am totally share this also who wants to help on a project

  9. syafiqfitri ridzainuden

    My finger was hurt when i touched the strings

  10. he has the same as liza koshy

  11. I got the same one

  12. Hello thanks for helping me become better

  13. Jasmine Blankenship

    You have to put your fingers exactly on the Fret while playing the guitar it's harder for me because I have small hands

  14. Do you need long fingers to play? Mine are short.

  15. BlackFox Travels

    I'm thinking about getting a guitar next year, should I? I want to learn some Ed Sheeran songs… I will watch this video again later when I have my guitar!

  16. you have to do a intro please please please please

  17. I’m a beginner to play guitar I got it for Christmas

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