Guitar Lesson: How to Write a Simple Melody on Guitar – Three Steps

Guitar Lesson: How to Write a Simple Melody on Guitar - Three Steps

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Learn how to write a simple melody in three steps. 1. Find the chord progression, 2. Learn the scale, 3. Shape the melody.

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Acoustic Guitar Redefined | Chords, Rhythm and Melody.


GUITAR 1: Eko Massimo Varini Signature
GUITAR 2: Journey Instrument Sitka Sapele OF410
RECORDING: Boss Micro BR80
STRINGS: Elixir 010
GUITAR MIC: NV TONE Duo Model System (

CAMERA 1: Canon 80D
CAMERA 2: Canon 700D

Final Cut Pro X
MacBook Pro

Are you a full-time YouTuber?
Yes, I am on YouTube as Marco Cirillo, and I promote my videos on my website All the courses I post online are available on my Patreon page

How long have you been playing guitar for?
I started playing guitar when I was 10 years old, so it has been more than 20 years. I have always loved fingerpicking guitar, so this is why all my tutorials focus on this topic.

Why are you on Patreon?
Patreon is great! It allows creators to make money doing what they love. On Patreon I can share my guitar lessons with my Patrons and get paid for it. As a creator, I feel like Patreon really made a huge difference in the way I share my content 🙂

Do you do concerts?
I used to do a lot of gigs in the past. London is a great place to play music almost every day. When my YouTube channel started to grow, I decided to go all in and try to help as many people as possible learning guitar. This goal takes all the time I have available, so I am not doing any gig or concert atm.


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  3. Really enjoy all the beautiful guitar lessons thank you my friend.

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  6. I owe all of my finger picking progress to you man, cant thank you enough. I love how you encourage us to think about every note, and to be creative! Keep up good work . Also, I am currently looking for a new guitar and would love your opinion on your preferred tonewood for both fingerpicking and strumming, nut size, 12 fret vs 14, and overall playability/value for money. Prices here in UK are steep but I am drawn to Martin 0015m and 00015m, I want something small bodied ideally. Any advice in comments is appreciated

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  9. Marco you are genius bro.
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    The way you guide us to look into music is awesome. May you have millions of views for this video. Learning a great deal from you.

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