Guitar Lesson: how to write a song in 5 minutes… – this is just a fun little lesson I put together for my songwriter students. It’s actually really easy to figure out which chords can go together and make a song out of them.

Obviously this isn’t all you need to write a hit song, but it’ll at least give you a system for coming up with some chords you like.

There’s another cool side benefit, if you get used to thinking about chords this way, you’ll often come up with something you recognize from another song. When you do that you’ll know what the chords are in that other song and you’ll recognize that progression in other songs… it’s cool.

Have fun with it!


  1. Nice and simple. Now how i should move my vocal chord to make an actual song

  2. it starts at 0:50

  3. "Depending on who you talk to" very subtle :P. Thanks for the interesting tutorial.

  4. Thanks sir very useful and informative lesson but I have a questions sir does all of the chords has the same scale pattern?

  5. But this is 7 minutes

  6. Kinda looks like rob lowe

  7. You just explained this so well

  8. Thank you man

  9. Im losing sleep wondering what his alternative motive is here, he never said did he?

  10. Homosexuality is a mental disorder

  11. If I pick the minor scale to write a song ,how will I know which chord is major or minor in that scale?

  12. i literally have 100% the exact same guitar. its a nice one

  13. Very cool thank you!

  14. Vicente Valdebenito

    that tone though. That guitar sounds awesome! Is that a Friedman amp?

  15. I love the way you teach Griff …. having fun and leaning so much from your lessons

    cheers Robbo

  16. Lies.Deception.This video is 7:20

  17. Austin Martín Hernandez

    I know all about music theory, I'm a music major and have studied it for 4 years now. I've played guitar for 3 years. I can teach you all the theory you want. But I still can't write a song. I have zero creativity skills. I'm good at arranging songs, I've arranged and transcribed a few. But I just can't compose any.

  18. Thank you

  19. Didn't learn much but good explanation.

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