Guitar Lesson: Justin Bieber's Boyfriend [Believe Acoustic]

This is the most accurate playing that I can come up with; at least 90% precise like it is played in Believe Acoustic album. It is still easy to learn.

Chord numberings (from the thickest string to the thinnest):
F major 7th: x 8 x 9 10 x
E 7th: x 7 6 7 x x
A minor: x x 7 5 x x
D 7th: x 5 4 5 3 x
E on G#: 4 x 2 4 5 x

E 7th (alternatives):
x 7 6 7 5 x
0 2 0 1 0 0

I do not own this song. This video is for educational purposes.
I use Cort AD810E acoustic guitar for this video.


  1. im confused with the f major 7 . doesnt it go up to the first fret

  2. I still dont get the A minor and what your plucking i get the rest tho

  3. Ohhh hey i loved this thank you sou much for uploading this your an amazing player and teacher thx again 😀 ohh btw i think the A minor goes x x 7 5 x x rather than 7 6

  4. Nice man, i've been trying to find this version for a long time, have you figured out everything yet or found someone on youtube to have it 100% correct?

  5. easy to understand you are very good at all, thank you!

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