Guitar Lesson: Learn how to play Daft Punk – Get Lucky (TG242)

Learn Nile Rodgers’ funky guitar riff that’s guaranteed to be the soundtrack to the summer of 2013.

Download Total Guitar issue 242 for the accompanying explanation – available in the UK and, digitally, worldwide via Newsstand for iPad, iPhone & iPod touch and Zinio ( from 10 June 2013.
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  1. Como zteo mi ampli para el funky

  2. Hardin Belard Aguilar

    In spanish Please, I didn't understand….

  3. You really explain this well! However its best to get better as a guitarist, especially for strumming patterns like these, to follow your ear. Just listen to the track alot and try to imitate it as good as you can. If you dont manage to copy it exactly, at least you got your own version of it!

  4. Andin Schvaneveldt

    Thanks so much for the tutorial! Maybe next time add in a chord chart for the chords being played Not complaining just trying to be helpful 🙂 Thanks again such a great tutorial!! EDIT: and would you look at that im 6 years late lol

  5. How do you get this sound? Which amp do you use? Which pickups does your strat have?

  6. Wilson Daniel Silva

    What kind of Fender model is this?

  7. what a nice tone you have there.

  8. Rubén Alejandro

    Does anybody knows what pick gauge is needed to play this properly?

  9. to me, it doesnt sound like he actually plays that 3rd chord like that. all the other instruments do, but hes scratchin on the adg strings, u dont hear the higher strings on that 3rd chord but maybe a ghosted note here and there…

  10. Hey what amp are you useing ?

  11. please give the electrical scheme your guitar.

  12. I'm at the beginning of my guitar-learning, but I want to learn this so bad! Saving it to my faves. Thanks for the great lesson!

  13. I've always wanted to play guitar , but the beginning seems so slow and frustrating

  14. Can anybody play this without the backing track and it sound the same, or does is just sound good enough?

  15. best tutorial by far, thanks

  16. Giliberto Paparauchas

    But can he play despacito?

  17. Why the down votes???

  18. Mario Xavier Morales Betancourt

    Just had a threesome after playing this at Guitar Center. Thanks Guitar World!

  19. Sry but shitty

  20. Avinash Venugopal

    Amazing, thank you so much!

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