Guitar lesson – learn to play Dust in the Wind for guitar Steve Stine

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  1. Thanks for keeping it simple for me , Bro' Steve ! I'll keep on practicing this song , for I like this one a good bit ! With your thorough practice tips , I won't have to do a Pete Townshend smasheroonie with my guitar . Besides , this Seagull guitar is too costly to replace ! … lol

  2. It was based on a fingerpicking exercise Kerry Livgren used to practice. His wife liked how it sounded and one thing led to another.

  3. you rock bro, thanks

  4. I've been learning this great song from other instructional videos. But I did learn some new tricks from watching this video! Thank you!!

  5. Excellent explanation!

  6. best guitar teacher on the net –

  7. great lesson, thank you!

  8. how does pattern go?

  9. Thank you.

  10. Best teacher ever 馃檪

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