Guitar Lesson: Like a Hurricane (Neil Young)

Chords, Intro Licks, and parts of the solos. PRRI with Eminence Legend 105. Visual Sound Route 66, Dano Cool Cat Drive V1.
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  1. F’ing Awesome!!

  2. Torgeir Bjørntvedt

    Like this guy. Finally someone getting across. Without endless ducktalk. Not Duckwalk….

  3. Great! thanks

  4. hard job – you did it well!

  5. Always a great tutorial. Love your videos

  6. I like that you name the notes in addition to the frets and strings. Makes it easy to play after you demonstrate a move and the fretboard. Thanks.

  7. You do justice to this great song.

  8. why wouldn't he just use a octive pedal live? He does what he wants, thats what I love about him. thanks!

  9. What are you using for your distortion

  10. I am sold on the princeston !!! not so much on the Gretch, although it is very nice looking,,,,,TY !!!

  11. Great lesson and cool cat in your avatar.

  12. Thanks, dude. Really easy to follow you.

  13. nice lesson – thanks!

  14. Great lesson I am really learning a lot from your lessons!! Thank you sir!

  15. I've noticed since "Rust Never Sleeps" back in the 70's; Neil  will drop, miss or hit a wrong note, and repeat the mistake on the next pass, to justify and make it sound deliberate! (I meant to do that!) I consider that to be his trademark distinct style!

  16. Great Job, I think neil probably doesn't do the octaves with crazy horse, because his fingers probably tend to hit wrong notesh anything neil plays electric are the right notes but might get so caught up in the ripping that he does that right notes be damned.  if he hits a wrong note he'll bend the shit out of it til its the right one. the beauty of Neil as a player is that sound life someone dropped a wrench into a finly tuned racing engine and your on the 150th lap. I love how reckless neil is

  17. gerat stuff, thank you so much..

  18. Awesome sound and a great Lesson. You were a big help! My only comment would be to use a guitr with fret dots so i can actually see where you are playing.

  19. Well, thanks anyway! I dig your lessons 🙂

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