Guitar lesson night moves

Guitar lesson night moves

acoustic,guitar,lesson, night moves, Bob Seger
how to play night moves on acoustic guitar
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  1. I think he might be watching another youtube video to see how to play this song lol

  2. way too hard to play…………………………………………………

  3. Nice!!! Thanks.

  4. Great lesson. How stiff of a pick are you using?


    You gotta hear me Chords single notes .bell like and with this G1Xon Zoom Guitar multi- effect Ptocessor. I can play along every song .using the Aux. without a band u supppse just strumming chords.if one does by faith in God its between that one and Him
    And will have a joy in the heart…i like to write with my Acoustic and .Crate amp sound..heres an sample on my guitar…starts in A sus…now just the way it came out."Runnin'through Denver, New York ,L. A. A..Chicago..too.San Fransico Bay..y.Runaways come and go looking for a place to sleep..Same neon lights..To many gone so far God set them free from the curse….BLOOD OF JESUS ..RANSOM…THESE..PAID THE PRICE LORD OF the Harvest .Send forth laborers….REMISSION OF SIN .means …Liberation..from captivity.Freedom from bondage .Lord .i know sin is like a mountain..playing with it will finally be found out..So even…Rock.stars porn see there is hope in the Word of God.i have tried your lesson .


    Guitar lessons Thanks for being very knowledgeable..whats next ? I have been paid to give beginning student Acoustic Guitar.starting with a thirteen year old .went over everything .but her grandmother paid to just get ready for Thanksgiving Day &
    Christmas..this is why i am not " hammering- on"". Nor being a judge .just saying im aware of many playing.downloading millions of Songs


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  8. Well done thank you

  9. great work matey , you rock , you are a true teacher

  10. Thanks mate … really clear lesson !!

  11. best lesson on this out there! thanks

  12. Nice job good lesson!

  13. E tuning?

  14. Thanks Doug

  15. Thank you so much, your literally the only one who teaches this song right

  16. pretty sure Bob plays an fmaj shape not an f over c.

  17. great lesson, thanks Doug..been watching for awhile now! question, on the 2nd measure, when moving from G to f/c to C/g to f/c to G again…
    it looks like you strumming f/c only twice on the up and then on down on 4th beat…then up then 1 on the next chord.

    is that correct?

  18. Thanks, a very well organized, articulate & played tutorial. You saved me many hours of rewinding. Great job!!!!

  19. nice job and great explanation…..the mention of a 2 bar phrase help clarify

  20. U have 420 subs

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