Guitar Lesson: Right Hand Technique For Alternate PIcking Speed

Guitar Lesson: Right Hand Technique For Alternate PIcking Speed A common problem with beginners is getting into alternate picking.

As soon as you get going with any amount of speed the picking gets very jumpy and it feels like the pick is getting caught on the string.

If you’ll take 5 minutes a day and practice on the exercises in this video, usually within a couple of weeks you can see pretty dramatic improvements in your right hand. And that will free you up to work on coordinating the left and right hand together.
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  1. Better call Saul

  2. 6:04 that is an issue with my right hand picking technique.

  3. Like a teacher who solos all through your lesson..

  4. I'm confused. At one point, you said that the thumb should be the only movement, with no wrist movement. However, at 8:03, your thumb isn't moving and your wrist is doing all the moving. Would you say that there is a point where you kind of change how you pick? I would guess yes and that everyone has a certain speed where the wrist just isn't able to cut it anymore. I think that is where I am at right now…I'm going to try to speed the metronome up a little and focus on the thumb movement. Wish me luck!
    EDIT: You answered me at 11:58. You didn't talk about it, but you did the slower 16ths notes using your wrist, but when you doubled the speed, you switched to the thumb movement.

  5. Diggin the Tele! I have one just like that!

  6. Awesome thanks for that, very educational …and to the point !

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  8. Too old to learn this

  9. Thanks man!

  10. very informative thanks man

  11. Thanks for being a great teacher

  12. Thanks for sending this out again, I missed it last time. Excellent Explanation and great practice tool, my teacher had told me how to do this, but I needed to hear it again. Thanks Griff!

  13. Amazing, thank you.

  14. Thanks..good ideas..its more help me to improve my speed for arternate picking

  15. So im a beginner guitarist and i've never really tried alternate picking but straight away i was able to do alternate picking at 300 bpm (that was as high as my metronome app would go) and then i could do eighth notes at 210 bpm after about 5-10 mins of practise but i dont feel like this exercise had made me any better at alternate picking

  16. Excellent lesson. Thank you sir!

  17. Are you resting the palm of your right hand on the lower strings while picking on the higher strings?

  18. That lesson was so Payperview

  19. much helpful thanks

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