Guitar Lesson: Satin Doll Melody block chords jazz

Guitar Lesson: Satin Doll Melody block chords jazz

Guitar Lesson
Satin Doll Melody Voicing block Chords, played slowly so that you can practise along with the video
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  1. If you are interested in learning jazz guitar, don't get into the rut of learning by tabs. Learn to read standard notation. It'll make things easier in the long run.

  2. … a bit depressed ; after a few weeks, I manage to play the chords but only very slow (stg like 60 bpm). Actually, if you allow me, what is the quickest bmp you can play those chords on? Danke.

  3. Sylvester Donald

    Whoa! Great! I'm a solo guitarist preparing songs for a cruise ship gig. This is one of the standards I'll be playing and singing at the same time. Been with bands working on ships before but not as a solo entertainer. Needed to see how it's played and just purchased a guitar chord manual. Thanks James. Very helpful!

  4. Is there print or tab?

  5. Thank you! Similar to Joe Pass version.

  6. scale plz? cool vid!

  7. slow and the way to teach….this is how you know the teachers from the show offs! Thanx!

  8. man since mexico thanks !!!

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