Guitar Lesson: SILENT NIGHT ( Stille Nacht ) – JAZZ CHORD MELODY

Easy and detailed guitar lesson on SILENT NIGHT JAZZ CHORD MELODY. Incl. free TABS! This tutorial is for jazz beginners and intermediates.

Download FREE TABS here:

Silent Night jazz guitar chord melody:
This video teaches you the Silent Night jazz version. I arranged it as an easy chord melody tune, so you`ll be able to play Silent Night / Stille Nacht very soon. It doesn`t sound boring or bland, though. I put in some interesting chords, while keeping the original melody intact.

Silent Night was written by my compatriot, Austrian composer Franz Xaver Gruber in the 19th century. It has become the standard christmas song to sing for Christmas eve in most western countries.

The Silent Night chords aren`t hard to play, even with the melody included. With the free Tab I`m providing you with, you should easily manage to play Silent Night chord melody on jazz guitar very soon.

Since this is aSilent Night guitar instrumental version, noone needs to sing along. So if granny starts singing three acttaves above, just start playing my chord melody arrangement and everyones`s happy 🙂

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Enjoy, Sandra 🙂


  1. Guitarversum Sandra Sherman

    I know, I know. I posted this early. But I want you to have enough time to learn it for Chrismas.

  2. It's 4:30am and I'm practicing for Christmaaa….Zzzzzz

  3. Глебов Олег

    You reading my mind cause i thought it will be cool to play this to my family.
    Thank you and merry christmas!
    P.S. Greetings from Moscow! You have fans here.

  4. Thank you so much for these. Can you do “This Christmas” please?

  5. Thank you!!

  6. Lovely. Thank you for sharing your talent and charm. Looking forward to learning this for my granddaughter.

  7. Nice!!! I'm rabidly (spelling is correct!), learning all your easy jazz chord melody tunes and this one is obviously perfect for the season! Thanks! (Wonder if the family will be impressed, LOL?)

  8. Hi, you meant the 10th fret again @7:51, great lesson btw

  9. sandra merry Christmas to u !! could you suggest some books for chord arrangements for jazz guitar i am a beginner want to learn some chord melodies like your videos , love you videos btw learning a lot

  10. Sandra, you are awesome! I really appreciate your teaching methods and posting it on youtube for the world guitar players to learn. Thank you so much!! P.S. I lived in Germany for five years. Miss it at Christmas time

  11. Thank you, Sandra, been waiting for a Christmas tune.  You make it pretty easy, too, as usual.  You are a wonderfully cheerful teacher.  Can't wait if you have others…..Merry Christmas!

  12. Sounds jazzy! Nice example of chord substitutions! Thanks Sandra and enjoy the holliday season!

  13. I loved Santa Claus Hat! Another tip amazing, Sandra. Thanks for the suggestions and shares of chord melody.

  14. Excellent & funny lesson!!

  15. Sandra, you radiate fun. And I love the guitar lessons. Would you teach us Caravan?

  16. So wonderful. The grace, the sincerity, the compassion…and the tune is nice as well…

  17. Excellent version of Silent Night, especially since the tune was originally written for guitar in Austria. Very cool. Excellent lesson as always. Thanks so much. ☺

  18. Fantastic as always. Have a Great Christmas Sandra

  19. Nice Job Sandra! I love it. Thanks for getting this one out to us in time to learn for Christmas!

  20. Thank you Sandra for posting it early enough to allow us weekend warriors to practice for the big day. Beautiful and tasteful as always. Cheers!

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