Guitar Lesson – Simple Ambient Lead Lines Using Stacked Delays

More info and diagrams here:
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  1. Too much talking

  2. And then, shortly after 4:25, I heard snippets here and there that reminded me of Lone Survivor…

  3. Which pad are you playing against in this video?

  4. If you guys used 5 fuzz pedals and sold 2 dollar pabst at church i would be a devout Christian.

  5. His faith wasnt important to me ,what he had to say ,was! Thanks mate great vid.

  6. In also use the voicing in octaves using strings 1st to 3rd go around in that, for example, 3rd string 7th fret and 1st string 10th fret is D note. 🙂

  7. Only from a distance

    Guessing pick rakes and pinch harmonics wont work too well durring a service…

  8. Luke 10:7 : "the laborer is worthy of his hire." The apostles and early church sold there goods and gave to each other as they had need. If you have a computer, cell, iPad, etc. to view these vids don't complain that that these guys offer a few things for sale. They give away years of experience. Dude, guitars cost money!

  9. Thank you for your tutorial! It helped me a lot 🙂

  10. Its sad all the guys hating on him because this is a church musician. Either learn from him or don't.

  11. Good video. Thank you for the insight.

  12. If you worship Satan feel free to try the devils tritone for these stacked delays, I also like to use chorus pedals to add contrast when i'm not using the delay.The shape is 1st fret of low e, 2nd fret of a string and the 3rd fret of the g string,this can be applied up and down the neck to add tension and conflict to your chord progressions.Experiment with fingerpicking sounds great as well. BEAleZEBUB SATANAS LUCIFER!

  13. Jesus wants you to use a better cable.

  14. Pretty sure I started playing so I could have a hobby that would be affected strictly by talent and knowledge and not religion…

  15. Sounds really cool!! Never tried stacking delays on my songs:-/… Thanks for the inspiration!! Cheers

  16. is your POD hd500 mic'd into an amp or is the xlr going directly to the PA?

  17. i like to use shimmer for my delays and swells it gives it a little nice beautiful sound

  18. Don't care if you guys are a bunch of bible thumpers you do solid tutorials

  19. Poha mano, podia ter legenda em português………

  20. no big deal…just a $2000 guitar haha

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