Guitar Lesson: Simple lead lines using the A major scale and dotted 8th delay

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  1. In other words keep it simple.

  2. Dowglas Alencar Ferreira

    Parabéns!!! Ideias incríveis…. #Brasil

  3. Cameron Felton

    Bradford, awesome lesson man! That little lick is very addicting and a lot of fun to play! God bless.

  4. looks like mac from its always sunny

  5. Bertrand Escano

    @1:28 "it'sss the way things go, we use it, everybody does.. just go with it.. anyways (shrug & strum). lol

  6. Marcelino Hanandi

    What kind of reverb that better suited with these delay?

  7. dontrythisathome

    I smiled.

  8. Keep making these, man. Very helpful even for an old fart like me.

  9. Thks Brad! Interesting! Think it's very useful! I've been wanting to find out how to create lead from basic chords! Gbu!

  10. Vernon Robinson

    God bless

  11. Thank you Ferris Bueller!

  12. Was wondering where you put your .8th delay in the chain. Im using the Helix, and a former HD owner.

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    Hey I am starting a worship guitar gear review channel. It would help me a lot if you checked out my videos and gave me some advice/comments/suggestions. Thank you God Bless.

  14. Hello can you help me? I'm from Brazil and I am looking to buy a guitar . I'm between an Epiphone LP Gold top and a Gretsch Electromatic G5426 ( the simplest , the others are very expensive here because our currency is devalued ) . The principle would buy the Gretsch no doubt, by many worshipers use this mark , but when I saw that it is not done in mahogany , but in basswood I discouraged … I have to test them to play …. What do you recommend?? I play in my church music from Hillsong , Jesus Culture , and other songs that footprint.

  15. Artificial Halo

    Hey Bradford,
    I want to thank you so much for this tutorial. I've watched many and they never really explained what you had to do or how it worked. They were all like 'play this and it will sound like this" but for me it didn't. But this video was really clear about that. So thanks!

  16. And if you want to play in the key of F?

  17. 1980

  18. can you guys please do more lead guitar videos?

  19. Brendan Murphy

    Pretty sure this was covered in the +Blimey Cow "How to write a worship song in 5 mins" tutorial

  20. Rik Jan Schilder

    Great lesson; this shows how to use something convenient which sounds good. More please!

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