Guitar Lesson: Simple Soloing Techniques



Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers a viewers question…

Q: If I want to do very simple improvising, over simple pop songs, do I really have to practice the scales in all five positions? I know about six different scales but they are 3 different types; Maj. Scale, Maj. Pentatonic and Min. Pentatonic. Or, is it enough to just familiarize with the sound of the scale and just listen and play what sounds right? Is it enough to just have a feel for it, or do I really need to know the notes?
– Ezyo

Nowhere does it say everyone must shred. In fact, keeping things simple often makes solos and lines more palatable to a larger audience. Remember that old saying, “Keep it Simple Stupid.” By using a few easy to remember box shapes, anyone can quickly cover major or minor sounds with a straight forward solo, or composed melody line.

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  1. T
    hat was awesome, made complete sense easy to understand. Thanks

  2. Thank you so much for putting it in a way that is easy to understand

  3. I have not been arrested yet but my wife really gets pee'd at me for the noise I make.Isnt there a way I can solo with headphones listen to the back track and lesson at the same time?

  4. i want a guitar

  5. I followed this pretty good, but started to get confused around 5:12. the clarity of the explanation disappeared when it became unclear wether the notes you suggested were over the Am or A major. thank you for this lesson, it will certainly get me started.

  6. for someone who doesnt understand a single word you said. Do you have tabs of what you played in this video? it's really hard to see where your fingers go. i really want to imrpove : (

  7. seems you think in terms of shapes and math kinda so i always watch your videos cause i understand your conciseness

  8. First video of yours I watched and subscribed right away. Thank you. Very helpful video

  9. this was helpful but not quite what i was looking for i dont have a problem with finding the notes to play but i should play them like…the…method the …delivery? i have creative troubles with that

  10. I have watched many videos on where to go on the fretboard when soloing and what techniques to do while in a solo and I have to say you have done the best job at explaining. Thank you

  11. I learned his intro….simple but amazing. Reminds me of the stuff Gary Moore does. Less is Moore. and More is Moore, if ya catch my drift

  12. Billy'd to the Hilt

    i like you man

  13. Great teaching! Thanks for the clarity!

  14. Wasn't clear, got dick stuck in microwave

  15. Should I be soloing with my finger tip or lay them flat?

  16. thin dry flat lacking sustain. what an awful guitar sound.

  17. just watched this again. I have been trying to incorporate this simple idea into my playing. Great lesson

  18. Your playing is over the top, as always. 
    The explanations you give are really helpful and so full of wisdom! 
    Im learning new stuff every day because of your videos. YOU Sir, are the BEST! 

  19. Can anyone help me scales basically, I have no idea what they are and how to use them…. I have had no formal guitar training… So help in this email earn will go a long way guys…… Thanks in advance

  20. This is a great lesson. Thank you Andrew. It builds perfectly with your Magic 5 note box video.

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