Guitar Lesson – Songwriting & How to find chords for a melody – HH#1

Hangout Highlight #1 – A short clip containing an edited ‘best bit’ from the hangout lessons I’ve been having with you guys. Today we were discussing songwriting.

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  1. Desta Tekle-Wold

    I need help!!!

  2. Ardelysti Kardi

    Please!! Do a tutorial for The harry potter theme. A.k.a. Hedwig's theme! Please!!

  3. Anna van de Braak

    Where can I request songs?

  4. what kind of guitar do you use?

  5. Please: Black Flies by Ben Howard.

    Awesome Tutorials you make here, though!!!

  6. NamelessAssassin

    sir gareth evans im so glad that you are my teacher for the past three years. i really like to play a guitar since i was a kid. but no one teach me how to play only you sir. now i can play your arrangements and sungha jung arrangements. thank you so much sir gareth i dont how to show my token of appreciation to you. thank you sir more power!! 🙂 sorry for my english 🙂 

  7. Can you please do a tutorial on how to play "fireflies" by sungha jung? 

  8. Please do corpse roads by keaton henson, beautiful song and doesn't seem like it would be too hard either. Alternatively if anyone here knows how to play it or has any tabs then please let me know as i cant find anything anywhere

  9. Hey, recently subscribed – awesome content. Could you please upload part 6 of "How to Play My Heart Will Go On – like Sungha Jung"?

  10. Manish Karnatak

    When r u coming back with a new video..??
    We r missing u and eager to hear ur new guitar…!

  11. Philip Barberis

    Love your videos 🙂 But i was wondering howcome your website isn t working 

  12. Gareth, what strings do you use? Please answer for my question.

  13. Please do a tutorial of All the luck in the world's song "Never"!!

  14. Please do a tutorial on Human Nature the Taylor Henderson covered version please!!!

  15. Hey Gareth. Espin Lind did an awesome cover of Hallelujah. I was wondering if you could possibly come up with a tutorial for his version? I know you've got a ton of other requests haha but if you ever get around to it that would be great. Thanks for everything!

  16. sir,can you make a tutorial of stephen speaks 'Out of my league

  17. Sverker F. Benavides

    please do a tutorial on cha la head cha la, I would greatly helps .thanks !!

  18. Please do a tutorial on "A la nanita" which is a beautiful Spanish lullaby. 🙂 I love your videos!!

  19. Summer by Calvin Harris tutorial

  20. Dear Gareth,
    Can u please, please, please do a tutorial for somewhere only we know by keane

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