Guitar Lesson – Stairway to Heaven Solo Note for Note

Guitar Lesson - Stairway to Heaven Solo Note for Note

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If there was one band that stood out during then 70’s as a yardstick for how good you were as a guitarist, it was Led Zeppelin. Jimmy Page was regarded in many circles as “The Best.” Period.

And of course, their signature song was Stairway to Heaven. Now you *had* to know the beginning … that goes without saying … but everybody KNEW you were a great player if you could play Page’s solo from that song.

There’s no doubt it’s a good one. Very bluesy, but also very memorable. Even Frank Zappa did it – with the horn section doing the solo even!! (you can see it here:

In any event, you should put it into your repertoire. Enjoy!!


  1. another great lesson Mark.So hard for players like myself who came up in the 70's & early 80's (with no internet help).
    to learn solos exactly. it meant dropping needles on a turn table for hours on end, something a lot of us just never did. we improvised,covered some familiar notes or phrases & that was that.But when jamming Stairway,not many singers can cover Plant, so having the solo down like you do, definitely legitimizes any attempt at this epic tune.You have mapped it out patiently, I will definitely make some time to learn this one as close as possible. more Zep!

  2. Everything Today

    I'm Playing This On acoustic

  3. Ali Ahmadi Teshnizi

    Accurate and perfect. Thanks man.

  4. Lol I am eleven and just need to learn the solo and then I have completed the song! I have been playing for 9 months

  5. Excellent.

  6. That is so spot on brilliant.

  7. Fantastic, Mark. Thank you.

  8. most accurate rendition I've seen. Thank you for taking the time to share

  9. Sick can you possible do a video on how to get good at guitar quick

  10. Michael G. Scott

    What about the solo to Free Bird?

  11. Thanks Mark…..a big help indeed!

  12. Kids over 40? is that a thing? im thirteen dude. led zeppelin is my jam bro

  13. Who else is way under 40? Haha. I’m 19, been playing guitar for 9 years now and I must say, Stairway to Heaven is my favorite song of all time

  14. Page had a very unique style. Hard to copy. Funny you have trouble with the part up the neck. That come so easy for me…I get hung up on the reptitive riff and ending to go to next phrase. Bothers me especially because it's in the first box I ever learned

  15. Man that is really a complex lead but I am going to learn it good job mark

  16. A refreshingly straightforward guide through the licks for this classic. As one who was "there" in the original days – thank you

  17. sounds awkward on a les paul

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