GUITAR LESSON: The Final Countdown (EUROPE) – Acoustic/Classical/Fingerstyle Guitar – Thomas Zwijsen

Get the free TABS:
1. Go to
2. scroll down to “get free lessons” and enter your email address
3. you’ll find the tabs in the free lessons area.

If you want to learn acoustic/classical guitar and play fun songs by Iron Maiden, Metallica, Queen, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Europe, etc, you should try Thomas’ online complete guitar course at
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  1. good on you man, do you have another channel where you just play the guitar? I am fascinated with your videos.

  2. I know this is unrelated to this video but do you know where i can get the tab for your Afraid to Shoot Strangers cover?
    P.S Awesome tutorial!

  3. i have a question. is the beginner course for someone never played classical guitar before? if yes i can go to the advanced lessons after i finish it right?
    i play electric i am more concerned for my newbie right hand 😛

    ok i got to the end of the video. like everyone on the internet i rushed to comment before the end of the video. therefore my question is:are all the maiden arrangements supposed to be advanced ?

  4. porn for my ears so guuud

  5. Владислав Агламазов

    I love getting free tabs!

  6. very good!!

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