Guitar Lesson: “Wild Horses” Solo and Fills (Rolling Stones)

Covers Keith Richards’ solo and lead fills and the chord progression. US Tele with Lollar Special T into Yamaha THR5 on “Crunch” (Vox AC-30) setting with Hall Reverb. The Silverface Champ is not being used as a cabinet.
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  1. Outstanding lesson!

  2. Maybe the best lesson I’ve seen so far. Thanks so much from a huge Stones fan.

  3. Always thought, that Keith is a very tastefull player with a fantastic tone. He has a greater range, than people think.

  4. Fuck milky blues, I dig how you explain as you go. It helps grasp the point you're making. Thanks for sharing such a gorgeous classic..

  5. He actually plays that little pull-off from the 12th to the 8th fret before the C Minor Pentatonic lick in the solo

  6. TheBaconWizard

    What is that pickup at the neck??

  7. Jessica Nussey

    Thanks a lot Great examples and instruction

  8. Good stuff! Great lesson.

  9. I love your lessons as they say why we do what we do! Fantastic!

  10. thanks for ALL your excellent lessons

  11. I have been watching several of your videos and would like to add my voice to all the others congratulating you here. I bought Sticky Fingers album the day it was released and have always liked this track. You get a great tone and balance the lesson with useful bits of theory. Similar to a lot of Mick Taylor's work with the Stones, this is a great example of restraint, sampling chord fragments to build a meaningful solo.

  12. Great demo. So I guess if we are playing the progression in Open G we have to try and transcribe

  13. Great, great lesson.  Loved the way you tied the notes being played to the chord progression. Really helps me understand the solo more.  Thanks again.

  14. Andrew Woodcock

    This is almost certainly Mick Taylor's solo, not Keith's

  15. Great lesson. Did Keef play the solo and fills on the record or Ronny? Most live vids of the Stones its Ronny playing these parts. Just curious.

  16. This was a terrific lesson. Thank you! I learned the rhythm open G version of this song and play it all the time. Naturally, I became envious of some of those beautiful licks. I figured a few out for myself, but this lesson really gives me exactly what I need. Now I can throw a few of those in when I'm playing, but I can just play along with Keith's solo. Thanks again – I just subscribed.

  17. great lesson ,i not getting the fingering at 9:08

  18. your style of teaching trumps all others

  19. Etti Blanchard

    can u put a ta b buddy ?? keep on the excellent work !

  20. You are an exceptionally gifted teacher! Thank you for sharing!

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