Guitar Lesson with Paul Gilbert

Check out the Ibanez Paul Gilbert FRM200 guitar played in this video here:–ibanez-paul-gilbert-frm200-white-blonde

Nick Bowcott is joined by world-renowned guitarist Paul Gilbert for a guitar lesson — because even veteran players that have toured for decades continue to be amazed at Gilbert’s proficiency and insights.

Paul Gilbert was visiting Sweetwater to put on a free performance and clinic for fans — thanks again Paul!


  1. Oh my. The Youtube pentatonic-hating-elite-guitarists club is gonna hate this.

  2. Love Paul Gilbert! Cheers To Grim Reaper as well! Love you Nick!

  3. Five seconds and I was so annoyed a paused and posted this comment. Moving on.

  4. Every time I watch him play something, anything…. I want to turn my guitar into a coffee table or take up checkers. Then I realize I'm just a mere mortal human and I can start playing again…. He truly is an amazing guitar player…

  5. Wow he totally abandoned his neoclassical technical style, he's been playing all blues for a while now

  6. Awesome lesson

  7. Great player, but extraordinary teacher!

  8. Jabi Guarrotxena

    NIck Bowcott was the guitar player on Grim Reaper?

  9. NICK! Still waiting for another Grim Reaper album here in America! Cheers!

  10. Whitldey whitldey…Is that the proper way to spell whitldey?

  11. does anybody know the pronoun for the one on the left??

  12. Godammit…He's still the best guitar teacher of all time.

  13. Watched this during lunch on my iPhone can’t wait to try this at home!

  14. sevaksky gasparian

    A true gentleman and one heck of a guitar player!!!

  15. The unrelenting foot tap!

  16. Everyone has the same notes. Its about creativity 🙂

  17. True Master

  18. ha dude, you gave Paul a LOT of coffee for that shoot! Great stuff!

  19. That magnet is one of the smartest things I've seen in life.

  20. Debanjan Adhikary

    that woooooo man!!

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