Guitar Lessons – Absolute Beginner – Queen – Under Pressure – Acoustic Songs

5 Winners will WIN this killer Bundle


  1. me i want one i am a beginner to the guitar and i want to learn whatever i can and how ever i can

  2. love your vid

  3. The weirdest Jak00b


  4. Hi I am just a begginer

  5. I love how you teach and how you show each step by step so it can be written down and practiced, Thanks for doing a great videos

  6. Thank you Marty for rolling away a tune. Keep on picking

  7. Where did you get that Tshirt from .

  8. moving too fast, I'm learning, and middle aged!

  9. I was looking for the guitar medley in the song. wrong video

  10. Experience in teaching that comes across as natural and genuinely knowledgeable. I always feel like nothing relevant will be left out. You put the music first and That is not by accident. So a big thank you…

  11. All your lessons are enjoyable. The breakdown of steps and rhythms, the mannerisms used depending on the complexity of the lesson seems to indicate an

  12. It's awesome and I would like win

  13. Hi ME

  14. sup im new to guitar hope I can get pakage

  15. Hey man, I hope you become every successful with how helpful you've been

  16. TheSupersteelers58

    Thanks for the lessons Marty! It's a blast!

  17. best lesson I have had so far nice and easy to understand and it is teaching me a lot two thumbs up!

  18. Fantastic lessons for us old farts learning a new instrument

  19. Thank you for learning me how to play y fav song:D

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