Guitar Lessons Andy Timmons Beginning Electric Guitar Ibanez

its the video that come incluided in your first ibanez,,,1989 i think. !
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  1. wow, headstock looks like the 2018 Ibanez AZ.

  2. I got this video in my Ibanez starter pack around 2003 – 2004.

  3. Bagus live andy indonesia

  4. this guy makes the lessons look good too lol.

  5. Rafael Bueno dos Santos

    First Ibanez Andy Timmons is Ibanez RT450BK Tortoise Shield! this is based in RX Series! Second Ibanez guitar!

  6. Is that jam in the beginning a song? If so, what's the name?

  7. Haha, got an Ibanez Jumpstart package in 1995–96 that came with this video. I listened to a ton of Bush, STP, etc. So this kinda blew me away. Still love Andy!

  8. I got this VHS with my Ibanez starter pack 15 years ago… 

  9. Quattuordecim Duodenonaginta


  10. ありがとう!andy!!

  11. The God of Hentai - Guy Fieri

    all these chord progressions are basically counting crows status xD

  12. padahaL Cuma nada pengulangan/Sequen…
    cuma Teknik yg HULELILOX yg bken tako ..iiiiiieeeii..!!!


  14. Alright Andy….

  15. That Ibanez guitar looks alot more beat up now!!

  16. Compare the "Electric Gypsy" tone in this video to his modern Mesa Lonestar/Stilleto + BB Preamp tone. Modern tone is so much better in every aspect.

  17. Lol it seems kind of stupid andy timmons teaching that stuff.It's like using a hydrogen bomb to open a door.

  18. timmons is a cool dude I hope to jam with him some day

  19. my guitar lesson came from this man on this vhs when I was ten years old
    over 13 years ago

  20. A essential lesson for beginners! Highly recommended!

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